Krishna’s Formula to Get Peace of Mind

How many of us have peace of mind? We cannot buy peace of mind with money. In fact, the richer one is, the more anxiety one has”. A poor man can go to sleep without keeping ten dogs at the front gate and without ten security men but a rich man has to worry about getting kidnapped; people harming him due to getting envious and therefore, he has to arrange for the security.

How can we get real happiness? Bhagavad-gita says that by serving the Supreme Lord. We need to serve somebody or the other. The scriptures tell us to serve just one master. Currently we have so many masters. If we believe that there is only one master – Krishna – then all the other masters will be automatically served. Bhagavad-gita does not preach inaction. Bhagavad-gita preaches action but action in the service of the Supreme Lord just like Krishna told Arjuna to do his duty and fight but for His pleasure.